About Us

The Recruiter Shop is a small boutique firm that works directly with its clients to hire the right people.  We partner with leaders and decision makers to find out exactly who they need and then search until we have at least 3 excellent candidates that fill the position.  We partner with large corporate clients and smaller companies. We become part of the recruiting team, usually reporting to HR and conducting or assisting with on-site interviews

What makes us different is that we are corporate recruiters who look to keep your cost per hire low, and that we maintain a fully transparent process all the way through.  We only submit qualified applicants who have been screened according to client-specific requirements and skills.  Upon submission, we will always share our detailed notes with the managers. 

We specialize in IT, finance, sales and general placements. 

We also do industry specific (e.g. IT) recruitment training or any portion of the recruiting life-cycle, as your needs dictate. 

We establish rapport and relationships with our candidates and consider them to be clients as well. This is how we attract and retain the best talent.